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  • About Tolexo

    Time for SHOPPING..!!!                  

    Who does not love shopping...Starting off from a child to the senior citizens, everyone shows up a great interest on shopping.

    To make your life's easy online has created its own space in the hearts of the buyers. On the same hand, gives an opportunity for the sellers to reach their customers easily and a quick manner.

    Have you got a 'BUSINESS', and would like to specifically shop for your BUSINESS purpose?

    Most of the Business look in for specific Good and Services plus supplies. These products that come in for requirement are in large quantities. To be more simple, let us set an example for instance.

    Coal Mining Industry - Here huge number of labour is meant to work. Who actually would need to take many safety precautions while at work, will need many technical tools, Electricals and many more.

    Previously, shopping for this was quite difficult and time taking process. But, Now in this modern era and with the help ONLINE SHOPPING tool Tolexo Online store is launched to meet all the requirements of the BUSINESS people. With a facility of offline shopping as well.

    Looking for online BUSINESS COUPONS?

    We are here to provide a complete support on coupons for Business needs. You are in the area looking out for coupons, we provide a wide range of tolexo discount coupons in various categories for business needs and purchases.

    This coupon involve - Tolexo coupon codes, Tolexo Discount Codes, Promotional code Once you are on Tolexo it becomes our world of purchase for business necessities

    Tolexo Coupons:

    One of its kind in the field of online & offline shopping for business purpose, then you need to opt for TOLEXO.

    'Final Destination' for all the business Goods and supplies, providing a great twist in the business line from a 'Small scale to a Large scale' industry of buyers. Complete technical support area, Pace for buying and selling good online, with a vast range of selection options, 24*7 customer support, easy payment and delivery methods and ultimately customer satisfaction integrated on a single platform for all the BUSINESES.

    What are the deals?

    A traditional method of merchandising selection manner, what has incorporated genuinety of the product. As sold out for a market pricing and with a favourable environment fro the both the buyers and sellers.

    • Number of Lakhs+ products meeting the needs of all levels of business, involving about 5000 sellers and 7500 brands. Additions still in progress
    • Long miles destination deliveries in PAN India added customer friendly policies
    • Great price deals and safe methods of payments
    • Large variety of products through best brands

    Let's See what have they got in their store

    1. Safety - for safety measures the tools that are produced and presented in a wide range are Safety Shoes, Safety Gloves, Safety Helmet, Safety Eyewear's, face Protections, Respiratory, Fire & Water Safety, Hearing Safety, Safety storages, Gas detectors, Safety Kits, Push Buttons, Starters and contactors and many many more in the SAFETY listing.

    2. Electricals - When it comes to electrical we get Lights & lamps, Home electrical appliances, Voltage Regulators, Wire & Cables, Switches, Power Supplies, Solar Power, pumps & Motors, Transformers, times, Terminal Blocks, Relays, Push Buttons, Plugs & Receptors, Fuses, Enclosures, Capacitors, Current Breakers and so onn....

    3. Hand Tools - Wide range of hand tools are sold listing, Spanners & Wrenches, Cutting Tools, Tool Storage, Hand Tools kits, Benders, Clamps, Plastering Tools, Vises, Crimping Tools, Staplers, plumbing Equipments, Impact Sockets & bits Hammers, Pullers so on..

    4. Power Tools - Air Blower & Heat Guns, Fastening Tools, Pressure Washers & Vacuum Cleaners, Sanders, Power Toolkits, Masonry, lawn & gardening plus and plus added ..

    5. Tests & Measures - Temperature & Humidity Measurers, Automotive testing, Process monitoring, Air Movement, data recording, Indore Air Quality, Concrete Testing, Liquid Level Gauges so on..

    6. Plumbing - Faucets, Valves, Showers, Filtration, Sinks, Gaskets, Drains, Hoses, Pipes and tubes and their fittings and so onn...

    7. Medical Supplies - Like Diagnostic Instruments, Medical Utensils, Orthopaedics, Bandages & Dressers, Hospital Furniture & Lighting, Physiotherapy & Rehab Aids etc.,

    8. Other categories - LAB Supplies, Adhesives, Hardware, Material Handlings, Lubrications, Security, car & Bike Accessories, Pneumatics, Office Supplies, Abrasives, Fasteners.

    Available Brands:

    Maintains of brands give a great value to product, which ultimately releases a quality product to the consumers. Some of the top brand are mentioned as follows: Bata, Allen Cooper, LG, Flamingo, Taparia, Alpha, Eveready etc., Even though branded they are cost effective and made very ease to reach the customers.

    Coupons Deals:

    The experience of buying with many offers and deals coming up each day on every item. Coupons are provided to the customers/consumers at all levels of purchasing as they end up   receiving a quality product.

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    • As there are no other competitions for tolexo, because it stand unique in a wide range of supplies of goods for industries. Through these Tolexo coupons code and Promotional code which also help in reaching a large scale of buyers and sellers in PAN India.
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    Learn how to save with Tolexo coupon Codes:

    Everybody wishes to save money in some or the other manner. We are here to provide you with the best deals and offers, which is no different from the rest of the Indian market. To avail this fantastic offers of Tolexo promo codes dealt in our site, few steps have to be followed basically: once purchased enter the coupon code and promotion, based on the purchase look for a suitable offer as it comes up on the screen, based on that as directed code of portion can be used.


    Learn How to shop with the best deals provided.

    We are always there to support you..!!!

    Happy Shopping with Tolexo and the Tolexo coupon Deals.